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Picture of Casey Parker

Casey Parker, Rights and Responsibilities Specialist

Casey Parker came to SIU in January 2010.  She received two Bachelor’s degrees from SIU in 1999 and a J.D. from SIU in 2003. 

Selected Trainings Attended:
--Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA): Title IX Investigator Training School (1/09/2012)
--National Association of ADA Coordinators: "The ADA-Diagnosis and Prognosis-Legal Aspects, Practical Advice and Best Practices." (10/21/2012)
--AAAL Professional Development and Training Institute: Complaint Processing, Counseling and Resolution (2/11/2011)
--Institute for Training and Development: Illinois Department of Human Rights (10/11/2011)


Picture of Dawn Legier

Dawn Legier, Office Manager

Dawn Legier is the voice on the other end of the phone for the Office of Diversity and Equity and has been with the office since August, 2012.  Previously, she worked at the Rehabilitation Institute for 2 years and Workforce Education and Development for 10 years before leaving to attend school. Dawn enjoys cooking in her spare time and has attended cooking school.